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CR - Community Relation live workshop

Finding it hard to show how you can bring swift wins and value to your potential customers? We have the solution that makes almost every potential lead a paying customer!

Join us at the first ever global CR (Community Relations) workshop.

How and when?

Online Zoom meeting whit Mike

Mon 12/10 

Mon 19/10

Mon 26/10

Mon 2/11

Full 8th study hours

What will you learn?

  • The CR process

  • Seeking communities

  • Evaluating communities

  • Engaging within digital spaces 

  • Engaging with top community leaders

  • Creating valuable and engaging content

  • Retrieving valuable insights from your CR

  • Setting the ground for your new community

  • CR ethics

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Join Mike's workeshop now

Why Us?

Combine years of experience in a variety of practices, strategic consulting, business development and community building.​

For two years now, we have been accompanying startups and growing companies in the process of leveraging communities as a business development engine. Identify the strategic communities and establish your own community, including a shell of a support team.

We specialize in establishing different types of communities: product, growth, support, ambassadors, engagement and more.

We also provide training for staff and management: lectures, workshops and offsite days on building communities as a business and personal development tool.

About IS-CL

Consulting, training, implementation and production company. We have gathered community builders, professionals with outstanding capabilities in a variety of areas to help organizations leverage communities as a business and regional development tool.

We have developed a comprehensive methodology and practical practices that help build measurable value and community-based business development.

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Coworking space

Building an ecosystem for coworking space - making your space much more valuable to your members!

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Ecosystem development

Building a Business/Tech ecosystem - working with local leaders on Regional Branding and programs to empower local talent.

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