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What is the difference between a network and an ecosystem?

by Mike Silberg

What is the difference between a network and an ecosystem?

The question was asked by one of my clients today.

To give context, we're helping them create a new innovation hub.

They know the subjects they want to tackle but are not focused yet on what to tackle and how to tackle it. I explained they have to decide if they are building a network or an ecosystem. what's the difference?

The value of a network is measured by the number of connections it provides. The value of an ecosystem is measured by the relevance of the connections it provides. Some would argue that I'm missing out. they'd claim the value of networks and ecosystems are measured by both the number of connection and the relevance. . . and they would be right. the reason for that is that every network can be an ecosystem and every ecosystem is based on a network.

The thing is you have to decide what leads your organization, what's your most valuable need or desirable strategy, a high number of connections, or their relevance. Your answer to this question will help you decide if you are building a network or ecosystem. Why does this matter?

Ask me in the comments and add your email and I'll send you a few tips about network building VS ecosystem building.

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