Community as a business development and innovation tool

We help communities to grow. 

We offer consulting services, tools and expertise to empower your existing and potential communities.

About Us

IS-CL developed a comprehensive theory and practical practices that conceptualizes the world of business-driven communities.

Our services are built both for new communities as well as for empowering and developing existing communities.

IS-CL Services

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Lectures and Workshops

We inspire your teams to start building communities that'll work for your business and teaching you to source where you never even thought to look.

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Strategic Planning & Execution

we will evaluate your resources and help you find ways to utilize them to your success. 
Our 4 step program:
1. Mapping and exposing potential communities and providing strategic ideas to engage them.
2. Build a work plan and budget to execute the strategy.
3. Help you build and train the community team.
4. Work with the community team in its first steps to ensure results or create the right adjustments.


Our experince

Omer Farkash

Founder & CEO, Mayple

"For the past year and a half, I have discovered the world of communities as engaging and full of potential, a world that every CEO must know.
Communities are a powerful tool for creating relationships with my target audience, from the product level to the marketing strategy.
We can see that people are looking to take part in communities, so I have no doubt that communities will become the base of every business"

Past Events

IS-CL Summit 2018

Mar. 19-21, 2018

The ISCL summit’s goal is to promote community mindsets and methodologies among startup enablers and creators by uniting and bringing together leading community managers from around the world.

More than 400 participants from over 40 countries, including 20 leading speakers will gather, share, learn and build together the next generation of startup community management tools, practices, and ideas.

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