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International Startup Community Leaders​

Harness the power of communities!

Communities are the new startups, they grow and create value fast. They foster innovation and enable change. Check out below how we can help you!

IS-CL Services

Internal organizational communities

Creating cross-organizational teams to solve ongoing challenges and needs, encouraging employee involvement and improving their corporate identity as a part of something bigger. We work with your executives and young leaders to build a strategy and facilitate a goal oriented communal mindset while strengthening your employer branding.

Harnessing the power of community

Creating a brand community from A to Z - We have created our own Community Puzzle methodology to help business build communities as a business development tool. Identifying the most significant needs of your strategic customers that can be synergistic to your business's vision and needs. Suitable for both B2B and B2C companies


IS-CL offers a wide range of workshops, such as our flagship “Seek Communities As A Business Development Tool”, “Building Communities - As A Business Development Tool” and “Engaging Communities - crack your community’s code to engagement.” Haven’t found exactly what you were looking for? Contact us so we can create a custom-made workshop to fit your organisation’s needs.

Building coworking space ecosystem

Our team launched and built coworking spaces teams for many brands. We help you build your Community Handbook. We help build community strategy to push organic growth and brand awareness, we train coworking community teams to create an extraordinary experience and harness the power of your members to grow.

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CR - Community Relations

Community Relations is the new age marketing! How do you get the attention of those who don’t want to listen to marketing anymore?! We find and collaborate with most relevant and powerful online communities for your brand! Get more organic and valuable strategic customers to achieve your goals and objectives.

Ecosystem development

Building a Business/Tech ecosystem - Working with government agencies, municipalities and NGOs on building local tech leadership, networking platforms and entrepreneurship programs to accelerate regional economic growth and empower local businesses and brands.

Community Competitive Landscape

Feel you competitors have an upper hand on you and you don’t know why? They might just have their community game on point.

We create a competitive landscape with strengths and weaknesses so you can easily see what’s missing and how you can utilize the power of communities to become a leader.

Join our YCP community

YCP (Young Community Professionals) is a community for the future generation of community managers. This community is dedicated to those who want to better understand the power of communities and seek to grow, learn and share knowledge

Our experience

omer farkash.jpg

Omer Farkash

Founder & CEO, Mayple

"For the past year and a half, I have discovered the world of communities as engaging and full of potential, a world that every CEO must know.
Communities are a powerful tool for creating relationships with my target audience, from the product level to the marketing strategy.
We can see that people are looking to take part in communities, so I have no doubt that communities will become the base of every business"


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