About Us

In 2017, the network started as a summit for community and ecosystem leaders from the tech industry from all over the world. We got together over 500 leaders from almost 50 countries! After the event, we understood there is a huge need for both for-profit and non-profit organizations to seek, build, and engage communities for business purposes (see case studies in the videos in our youtube channel

The summit gave birth to our Global Community Agency. We started with research and consulting, mapping online communities for regional economic development and helping companies reach business goals (Such as lowering costs, brand awareness, customer acquisition, retention, and open innovation) by cultivating communities as part of the organizational strategy. 

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Our Experience

Omer Farkash

Founder & CEO, Mayple

"For the past year and a half, I have discovered the world of communities as engaging and full of potential, a world that every CEO must know.
Communities are a powerful tool for creating relationships with my target audience, from the product level to the marketing strategy.
We can see that people are looking to take part in communities, so I have no doubt that communities will become the base of every business"

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