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About IS-CL

Consulting, training, implementation and production company. We have gathered community builders, professionals with outstanding capabilities in a variety of areas to help organizations leverage communities as a business and regional development tool.

We have developed a comprehensive methodology and practical practices that help build measurable value and community-based business development.

Our Upcoming Events

Community Manager - What is All About, with Max Fridman

Wednesday 17.6.2020 21:00 - 20:00

It's time to build a community!

In the workshop we will learn practical methodologies, go through dozens of case studies, build the skeleton of your community and accompany you until you feel ready to build a community with a real checklist for the next steps

And in detail:

  • What types of communities are there?

  •  What is the Community Puzzle

  • And how to use it step by step until community building

  • What is a founding core, why is it critical and how to find it

  • How to choose where we will build the community

  • What would your daily life look like?

  • What ceremonies we will have, how to connect with the community and how to leave it

  • What are the written and unwritten laws

  • And of course - how to determine and measure what success is

The workshop is a practical so don't forget a computer / notebook


From CM to CEO- with Gali Meiri, Founder at Comonetize
Wednesday 10.6.20 21:00 - 22:00

At this segment we will host some amazing Community Managers who become CEO’s in the industry.

We are thrilled to tell you that our very first guest is the one and only Gali Mairi, Founder at Comonetize!
Comonetize is a tool for community leaders to make money and turn their communities into profitable businesses. As for now, Comonetize has over 18,000 users and continues to grow daily!


Engagement and how to raise it in the community

Wednesday 04.6.2020 16:45 - 21:00

How do you create community engagement? How to motivate it? That's the million dollar question...

It turns out it's not that complicated, but it should take at least a good few hours to unpack the existing community into five sections and ask some essential questions. That's why we're here!

In the workshop we will discuss, among other things, how to:

  • Make a map of the different community members types and understand them

  • Identify the right connection for you and / or your organization

  • Find out the motivation of community members for engagement

  • Disassemble and overcome barriers among community members

The workshop is a practical so don't forget a computer / notebook


Why Us?

Combine years of experience in a variety of practices, strategic consulting, business development and community building.

Combine years of experience in a variety of practices, strategic consulting, business development and community building.

For two years now, we have been accompanying startups and growing companies in the process of leveraging communities as a business development engine. Identify the strategic communities and establish your own community, including a shell of a support team.

We specialize in establishing different types of communities: product, growth, support, ambassadors, engagement and more.

We also provide training for staff and management: lectures, workshops and offsite days on building communities as a business and personal development tool.

Among the companies we worked with


Mike Silberg

Community as a Business Development and Innovation tool

Mike is considered a pioneer in the field of communities as a business development tool. Mike has been an entrepreneur and doing innovative business development since 2002 in companies such as Redbull and KPMG’s advisory. He worked with hundreds of startups at Wework and Brooks-Keret. Mike is also an adjunct lecturer at IDC Herzliya business school. He holds a B.A in Economics and Accounting and an MBA in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Information Systems from BGU

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